Balanced Sports Training

Are you a soccer player or a runner? If so, I can assist you with a balanced sports training program in those areas. As an athlete and certified personal trainer, I've not only played soccer and ran cross country and track alot in my career I've also studied the principles behind making my clients top athletes.

In these training sessions I work on your endurance, speed, strength, power, flexibility and mobility, agility, sleep recovery and regeneration, and nutrition. Key to any athletic program is ensuring I educate and train all my clients on injury risk reduction, rehabilitation, and pre-habilitation.

In the initial consultation, we sit down and hash out all the strengths and weaknesses/imbalances you may have. Therefore, I'm able to create a unique training program to make your strengths stronger and better and to help fix all the weaknesses/imbalances. I assess the sport you're playing and time of year of your sport (on vs off season) when creating this training program.

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