General Personal Training

I provide an array of personal training services to meet your needs and to help you on your fitness journey. A unique personal training program for each of my clients is created once we establish an in-depth assessment and your specific goals. Everything done at HangTight with MarC is geared towards making each person perform at higher levels, and become stronger, faster, leaner and healthier! Not to mention, I provide personal training services for all fitness levels.

What's Included:


This is FREE of charge where we sit down and get to know one another, most importantly establishing a unique personal training program to get you closer to your fitness goals.

Fitness Assessments:

I provide complimentary monthly fitness assessments to establish a baseline to track your progress towards your fitness goals through the duration of our time together. Assessments include body composition, cardio respiratory endurance test,  and muscle strength test.

Nutrition Check-Ins:

Nutritional advice and guidance is provided to get you on a healthy eating track and lifestyle. This includes weekly check-ins where I monitor what you eat and provide feedback on clean eating habits. ( Nutritional Counseling Services Coming Soon!)

Workout Check-Ins:

I work with you to create a workout schedule to best suit your needs and drive you to your fitness goals the fastest. This includes weekly check-ins where I monitor your physical activities to ensure they're getting you closer to your fitness goals.

Portfolio of over 600 workouts:

I've been dedicated to fitness and creating YouTube Videos since 2012 to help persons all over the world get in the best shape of their life. As a result, you would benefit from this as well. I have over 600 workouts and counting for you to use on the days we don't train together. In addition to our personal training sessions, these workouts will challenge and push you closer to your fitness goals at a very fast pace.

Benefits of your Training Sessions Include:

A FULL UNDERSTANDING of fitness and why you’re doing every exercise and movement that I’ll give you.

Unique Exercises ranging from strength, calisthenics, plyometrics, speed, agility, endurance, and cardiovascular training. Also, any particular goals you have we'll work on those areas the most.
Calorie Burn, Fat Shred
Toning, Shaping, Sculpting
Increased Heart Health and Endurance
Increased Metabolic Rate
Increased Post-Exercise Caloric Consumption
Improved Flexibility
Mental & Emotional Benefits
No Judgement, I ensure you're having a good time.



One -on-One Private Personal Training (at an agreed upon location)

Private In-Home Personal Training

Apartment Gym Personal Training

Office Gym Personal Training

Private Small Group Personal Training (2-5 individuals)

Fitness Boot-Camp (6-10 individuals in an outdoor setting)

Fitness Boot-Camp (6-10 individuals in an indoor setting. Client(s) must provide workout space.)

Fitness Boot-Camp (10+ individuals in an outdoor setting)

Fitness Boot-Camp (10+ individuals in an indoor setting. Client(s) must provide workout space.)

Couples Personal Training

Get Wedding Ready Now Personal Training! (with option to include bridesmaids)

Post Natal Personal Training

**Please fill out the form below for pricing and availability (pricing may vary based on contract length and travel time)**


Twelve sessions is a minimum requirement to start training with me up to as long as you'd like to train. For best results, I prefer to train my clients for 3 months (24 sessions) minimum, to ensure they have the foundations of fitness and health and can carry out this lifestyle on their own with ultimate success.

Two to three sessions a week minimum is recommended for the best results. Clients that only need one session a week due to a pre-committed rigid fitness program are welcome to my personal training services.


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